Best Pocket Door Locks – Hardware By Schlage, Kwikset, And More

Chances are if you haven’t heard the term “pocket doors” before, you’ve still most likely come across them and even used them. 

best pocket door locks

Pocket doors are the kind of door that slides open and then disappears into the recesses of your wall, effectively hiding the door from view. 

They are quite useful when your door doesn’t have room to swing one way or another, or perhaps you simply like the style of pocket doors. 

Pocket doors are interior doors and they definitely help divide up the space in your home. 

And so, with pocket doors, come pocket door locks, or pocket door latches (which serve the same purpose), which we want to talk about today. 

pocket door lock hardware

Pocket door locks provide a slightly different kind of security for the home, and by that we mean they provide privacy for different areas of your home, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else you might want a little bit of privacy.

While they are great for privacy, keep in mind that pocket doors – even with a strong lock on them – were never meant to resist the same kind of force that we’ve talked about time and again on this website when it comes to exterior doors and how much force they can take.  

If you want something that really protects a specific room in your home, you are not looking at a pocket door or a pocket door lock or latch – you’ll want the best deadbolt available for that job.

That said, a quality pocket door lock can not only give you added privacy, but some security inside the home as well.  

Here are our Top 5 pocket door locks from known brands like Schlage, Baldwin, Prime Line, Kwikset, and Ives… 

We give you short reviews of our top 5 chosen products and it’s up to you to decide which one is the best pocket door lock for you!

Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset 335 Round Bed:Bath Pocket Door Lock in Satin Nickel

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  • Looks great, modern and stylish
  • Colors: Satin Nicel, Antique Brass, Antique Nickel, Polished Brass, Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Satin Chrome, Polished Stainless
  • Leading lock brand
  • Includes a 1/2 ” latch throw, 3 & 3/8″ latch backset
  • Adjustable latch which fits in all standard door sizes
  • No need to cut a new notch in the door with this round design
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Easy to install, especially for pre-drilled doors (if not, hole-drilling template supplied)
  • Locking mechanism functions using a turn piece on the lock’s interior
  • Install like you would a regular door handle, with the lock hiding in the door’s profile

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Once installed, if everything is not installed flush, you may meet resistance when unlocking or locking the door – make sure its flush. 

Also, be aware of the side to side play of your door.  If your door wiggles too much, its more difficult for the deadbolt to catch. 

These types of locks, and particularly this Kwikset model, are not meant for thinner doors.  

Also, the Kwikset 335 round pocket door lock was not meant to guard against any sort of focused attack. 

These are interior locks meant to provide privacy, not turn your home into a lockdown facility.

Kwikset 335 Round Bed:Bath Pocket Door Lock in Venetian Bronze

*In case of emergency, you can unlock with either a screwdriver or coin

Lastly, you may need a few more things to install this lock than just a Philips head screwdriver. You may also need to have on hand a good drill, a bit, a hammer, a chisel, a tape measure, nails, and a hole saw kit – depending on the state your door is in when you attempt to install this pocket door lock.

Overall, this lock is inexpensive and has a lot going for it, and comes in a wide variety of colors. 

Most of what might be seen as drawbacks are really just considerations for anyone installing a pocket door lock like this Kwikset model.

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Schlage SC991B-619 Artisan Sliding Door Lock

SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619 Sliding DR Lock, Satin Nickel

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  • Lock the door from the interior with privacy function
  • Measures 1-1/2″ D x 2-1/4″ H
  • Schlage is a leading name in locks
  • Solid brass durable construction
  • Reversible plates
  • Satin Nickel finish which doesn’t show fingerprints
  • Also comes in Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Aged Bronze, and more
  • Matches perfectly with Schlage Merano door handles (also in Satin Nickel)
  • Easy Install

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SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619 Sliding DR Lock

As with the previously mentioned Kwikset 335 pocket door lock, keeping things flush is always important to these kinds of locks. 

When you install this one, for instance, it is of course necessary to measure everything out and make sure everything is flush for the best possible performance. 

Some customers have run into issues with this, and it leads to complaints later on. 

However, it is clear from the reviews that those who have more experience with these types of installations do tend to have less gripes overall. 

While you don’t have to be a handy person to install this Schlage SC991B-619 Artisan Sliding Door Lock, the handier the better as you want your installation to run as smoothly as possible in order to get maximum performance out of your product here. 

Also, if you’re off on the flush factor, this can lead to your lock not engaging properly, which can be frustrating.  Ok, we’ll stop harping on this now.

*In case of emergency, you can unlock with either a screwdriver or coin

Schlage 991 1-3:4" x 2-1:4" Privacy Pocket Artisan Sliding Door Lock, Aged Bronze

One customer offers the following tip: “I didn’t notice at first that the strike plate is asymmetrical and the lock wouldn’t catch. Turning it 180 degrees fixed that problem. Highly recommended.”

Lastly, there have been murmurings of the turn switch for the lock turn being too small.  True, it isn’t huge, but then again, this isn’t a large piece of equipment. 

Most people seem to have no problem with it, but you must be the judge.  As we mentioned, we’re talking about 1-1/2″ diameter with a height of 2-1/4″ height, so judging by that, you can tell how big the lock turn is.  Too small?

Overall, the reviews for this product so far have been overwhelmingly positive, with many people finding this handsome lock to be quite useful. 

Prime-Line N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull, 3-3/4-Inch

Prime-Line Products N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull, 3-34-Inch, Satin Nickel

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  • Non-handed design, easily reversible
  • Construction made from solid brass
  • Highly durable with Satin Nickel finish
  • All hardware included (shown in picture below)
  • Very easy to install with mortise installation
  • Wide easy-grip design
  • 2.5 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches and 8.2 ounces
  • Goods are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year

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pocket lock from prime line

As with all of these pocket door locks listed on this page, they each have a unique sense of craftsmanship and the Prime Line N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock is no different, with its sleek & modern-looking satin nickel finish and inset circular turn switch for the lock. 

You definitely won’t be accused of having ugly interior door hardware with this – on the contrary – you might even receive some compliments as some users have from installing this lock.

We won’t go over the whole “make sure everything is flush” speech again, but, as with all of these locks, keeping everything flush is quite important overall. 

Basically, all of the features we listed above are what the customers are saying as well.  No complaints about it being hard to install, praise for its look and feel, and the fact that its reversible. 

For the roughly $20 you’re getting one of the best pocket door locks on the market, that much is clear. 

One complaint that a customer did mention was that the lock does require a bit of force to turn, and that could be seen as a drawback. 

This is worth considering when it comes to who is using this pocket door lock, as some people may want a lock that is completely resistance-free when turning it. 

We are not saying the lock is hard to turn, but neither can we say its resistance free, and so that’s just something the potential consumer should keep in mind.

*In case of emergency, you can unlock with either a screwdriver or coin

Ives by Schlage 42B15 Pocket Sliding Door Bolt

Ives by Schlage 42B15 Pocket Sliding Door Bolt

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  • 8 different colors to choose from: Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze, Satin Chrome, and Satin Nickel
  • Comes in a 1-pack or a 2-pack
  • Has an emergency lock-release from outside the door
  • Feather-touch action with spring activated design
  • Release hole capped with brass grommet to protect product’s finish
  • 1.6 ounces and 3.1 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches
  • Easy install and comes with everything you need to install it

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ives pocket door lock brass finish

For over 120 years now, IVES has been producing building hardware based on the principles of their founder, Hobart B. Ives, based on the principles of offering quality products along with great customer service. 

Perhaps this explains why this unassuming little piece of door hardware seems to be getting nothing but 5 star reviews, with people saying that its far easier than most pocket knobs to use. 

This ingenious little device offers just what it says in the features listed above, with light action and quality hardware at a great price. 

It even manages to one-up a lot of the other pocket door locks by having an emergency lock-release from the outside, as well as comes in a wide variety of colors. 

While we do say the install is easy, the one potential drawback does stem from the fact that this lock doesn’t come with exact instructions.  

Overall this could very well be the best deal here on our list of the Best Pocket Door Locks of 2016/17.

Baldwin 0465.150 Edge Pull

Baldwin 0465.150 Edge Pull, Satin Nickel

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  • 3/4″W x 3 7/8″H x 1 5/8″ projection
  • Spring loaded edge pull returns lever flush with face plate
  • For use on pocket doors only
  • Comes in about 25 different colors (huge selection)
  • Made from durable brass
  • Contemporary look
  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -3.88″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -1.65″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -0.75″. Overall Product Weight: -0.12 lbs.

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First off, this is not a pocket door lock.  This is just a pull, but its a really nice piece of pocket door hardware, so we thought we’d add it to our list.  Again, NOT a lock.

Message from the manufacturer: “Baldwin has built its name and reputation on its attention to detail, quality, style and timeless good taste.

Combined with its more than fifty years of commitment to making its products look better and last longer, these are the reasons that Baldwin is recognized as the premier manufacturer of solid brass lock sets, fine practical yet elegant bath hardware products, cabinet and drawer knobs, levers and other decorative hardware for the home and office.”

Baldwin 0465102 Edge Pull, Oil Rubbed Bronze

This is a very solid construction from Baldwin, which is reflected in the reviews for this product.  People love it!  It is very simple to use, but still, there are a few things to note here. 

One thing to note about this Baldwin door pull is that once you pull it out, you should remember to put it back, otherwise, the handle will stay out.  We thought this was worth mentioning. 

Also, you can’t just attach this to your door without having a hole drilled out, so that the pull can go back in.  Otherwise, the pull would have nowhere to sit in the first place. 

This was brought up on the product page, and so we thought we’d also point that out.  Check out the picture on the right to see what we mean.  You might need a good drill for this, or its not going to work. 

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