Mesa MBF1512C Burglary And Fire Safe Review

by Robert Fox


  • Combination lock style safe
  • All Steel Construction
  • Door is constructed with a 1″ defense barrier of outer and inner plates enclosing fire resistant material
  • Massive 1″ diameter live locking bolts
  • 2 hour fire rating
  • Expected Ship Date 1-3 Days
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions 20″H x 17.25″W x 18.75″D
  • Inner (Interior) Dimensions 15″H x 12″W x 13″D
  • Capacity (Cubic Feet) 1.4 Cubic Feet
  • Number of Shelves 1
  • Adjustable Shelves Yes
  • Body Thickness 2″
  • Door Thickness 4½"
  • Bolt Thickness 1″
  • Can you Anchor? Yes
  • Number of Anchors 1
  • Number of Anchor Holes 1
  • Number of Bolts 3 Live / 3 Dead

Burglar And Fire Safe, 17 Cu Ft

If you need to buy a safe for your home in order to protect your most valuable possessions, one thing you shouldn't do is skimp out on it in terms of paying less.

The Mesa Safe Company is a manufacturer of quality home safes and they are known for using the highest grade materials in their safes, which is why they cost a little bit more.

Of course, we all love a good deal, but there are certain things that we should not cut corners with, and a safe is one of them. So, before you read this Mesa safe review, if you want to save money and buy something inferior, we suggest looking elsewhere…

But, if you want a high quality burglary safe at a price that's still relatively affordable, read on, because the safe we are going to talk about today - the Mesa Safe model MBF1512C - may very well be it.

Mesa MBF1512C Burglary And Fire Safe Review
Mesa MBF1512C Burglary And Fire Safe Review

Mesa Safes - Decades Of Experience

Mesa Safe Company
Mesa Safe Company

In terms of the company itself, you should know that the Mesa Safe company has been around for thirty plus years, as they were founded in 1981 in the state of California.

They are pioneers in the safe-building business and they have a great reputation that you will no doubt discover as you learn the who's who in the safe business in 2016.

The Mesa Safe MBF1512C

Best Fire Safe Reviews
Best Fire Safe Reviews

Officially billed as the Mesa Safe MBF1512C Burglary and Fire Safe, this 18.8 x 17.2 x 20 inch and 140 pound specimen here with its hammered grey steel exterior combines the maximum level of security you get with a fire safe with some of the more technical features you get with a burglary safe.

This solid steel model certainly beats a plastic safe, as Mesa shows in this "break-in test" video below…

Steel Vs. Plastic Home Safes

As the above video shows, having a plastic safe to protect your belongings is not the ideal choice. Safes that use plastic are less secure, and can easily be broken by almost anyone.

They're so flimsy, in fact, that you may as well not even use a safe if you're going to go with plastic.

Mesa Safe Reviews
Mesa Safe Reviews

On the other hand, the Mesa Safe MBF1512C has a two hour fire rating, and has been thoroughly tested in up to 1830 degrees of heat.

The security specialists at Mesa, after their first (literal) trial by fire, then proceeded to drop the safe from a height of thirty feet and then reheated it for another forty-five minutes.

The point is, this safe has been tested and can certainly take a pounding and come out totally unscathed.

Mesa Safe Company Review
Mesa Safe Company Review

With a one inch thick deadbolt lock secured deep into the body of the safe, the experts at Mesa have mastered the art of security, and it is virtually impossible to get into this safe via any kind of door removal tactic or forced entry.

There is also a single anchor hole provided here in order to fasten your MBF1512C safe to the floor, so that burglars can't carry it away.

Add to that some truly heavy duty hinges that provide both the smoothest door usage, as well as another level of security.

The shelves found inside the safe can easily be adjusted or removed according to your preference.

Pros & Cons

Mesa MBF1512C Safe Review
Mesa MBF1512C Safe Review
  • Combo of the lock is set to factory with no way to change it
  • No need to worry about battery failure or any kind of digital malfunctions - its 100% mechanical
  • Don't come with wheels, so thieves can't wheel it away
  • Delivered to your house with no extra charge thanks to Amazon
  • Combo lock turns smoothly and is easy to use
  • Entry-level burglary safe - this is as inexpensive as you'll find for a safe of this quality
  • Excellent customer service from Mesa
  • Good amount of space for most valuables
  • Bolt this safe to the floor - it isn't going anywhere!
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