The 10 Best Hiding Places for Valuables in Your House

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What is a good place to hide money or other valuables in your home from burglars?

Well, the best and safest option is getting a good safe. Even though it can be quite expensive, it’s still one of the best investments you can make.

It does attract attention if you leave it out and visible, but it’s hard to get into especially if it’s a high-quality one. VERY hard to get into.  You can keep money, documents, jewelry, and other valuables without worrying about them.

However, there are other options which are much cheaper than purchasing a good quality safe to protect your valuables. You can hide your money or any other valuable item on certain spots in your home that no one will think of.

And we don’t refer to the “hidden” spots like under the mattress, the bottom of your drawer, or behind the toilet tank.

We give you several smart suggestions to hide your valuables in your house.

Top 10 Hiding Places for Valuables in Your Home

1. Picture Frame

Put your money, gun, or document between a picture and the cardboard of a picture frame.

2. Fridge / Freezer

That’s right – you can wrap your money in an aluminum foil wrapping or in some kind of contain, and no one will suspect that it’s something valuable in there. As a matter of fact, no burglar will check your fridge, unless s/he is hungry.

3. Fake Plant

Bury your valuable item in the soil of your fake plant. Hardly anyone will think of checking this place.

4. Old Vacuum Cleaner

Put the valuables in any old household item with a cavity, like an old vacuum cleaner, computer towers, or printers. Even better, choose one that opens up easily for easy access.

But, inform your family members that you’ve turned your old item into a hiding spot for money to prevent them from tossing or donating it.

5. False-Bottom Drawer

Make a false bottom in some of your deep drawers and store valuables. Choose a deep drawer, so the change in the depth is not visible.

6. Toe-Kick Hideaway

It’ll take some time and skills, but you can make the toe-kicks under your kitchen cabinets removable. You’ll find a cavity big enough to store cash, documents, or any other valuable item.

7. Empty Can of Paint

Don’t throw away empty cans of paint. Instead, turn some of them into a hiding place for your valuables and put it in between other full cans of paint.

8. Fake PVC Pipe

This is such a brilliant idea that’s not hard to make. Just put it somewhere in your basement making sure it has a cleanout plug. Unscrew the plug and place the valuables. Screw it on, and no one will suspect that’s not a normal pipe.

9. Flashlight

It’s pretty simple. Wrap a banknote or document around the flashlight battery and screw it back on. Your flashlight will work as normal, and no one will suspect it’s your hiding spot for money.

10. Ironing Board

Another simple, yet genius idea. Put an important document, money, or another paper under the ironing board cover and keep it secure.

11. Pill Bottle

Choose an empty, dark glass pill bottle with a label and store your money. Just make sure it’s not a bottle of a pill that’s commonly used.

These hiding spots will fool even the smartest burglars and keep your valuables safe and secure.