Best AR Cleaning Kit: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2021

by Robert Fox

A gun's reliability and functionality are highly dependent upon its maintenance. Cleaning the firearms is essential because it ensures high performance and precision. Cleaning an AR-15 can be challenging because you have to be sure about sponging some parts; otherwise, there is a risk of damage. When looking for the best cleaning kit for your AR-15 in the market, you should go for a compact one. Those kits have everything one needs to clean a firearm thoroughly, but at the same time, the cleaning only includes elementary field polishing.

An AR-15 gets dirty with carbon residue after going through rounds and ammunition, so the kits I'm going to suggest will keep your gun running smoothly. If you have an AR-15, you should know the significance of cleaning it to ensure peak performance. No one likes a dirty weapon; a shining and spotless gun is a weakness for gun owners. Cleaning guns is not only about the appearance, but it strongly influences the performance too. You'll notice an error-free and smooth execution after a cleaning task.

Top 5 Best AR Cleaning Kit

Here are various of the finest cleaning kits that will help you for the upcoming cleaning session, and this cleaning will ensure better functionality and more extended durability.

Top 5 Best AR Cleaning Kit
Top 5 Best AR Cleaning Kit

1. Real Avid Gun of Boss Pro Precision and Cleaning Tools - Link

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools: Professional Set of Universal, supplemental, Gun Detailing Picks and Brushes in an Easy-Access Standing case
Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools: Professional Set of Universal, supplemental, Gun Detailing Picks and Brushes in an Easy-Access Standing case

The Real Avid cleaning kit is very versatile as you can clean almost every gun with this kit, like shotguns, rifles and handguns. It is absolutely ideal for cleaning practically every firearm. This kit has some features that make it the top best cleaning kit, and those features involve a chamber of cleaning tools. These cleaning tools can reach such deep and unapproachable places where a regular cleaning tool face failure.

These excellent cleaning tools save your gun from any damage or scratch, and it is entirely user-friendly. You'll be surprised to know that every nook and cranny of a weapon is reached and cleaned by the tools of this cleaning kit. Some people evade cleaning a gun because of all the mess it involves.

If you're like someone who creates mess while cleansing a gun and keeps putting parts everywhere, this outstanding cleaning kit will help you to be very organized with the gun parts and tools. If you're on a hunt to find the ideal cleaning kit for a rifle, then this one is for you.

Tools you get:

If you're a gun owner who likes to clean minutely, you'll be amazed to get a surprising number of cleaning tools that will clean all the dirt from tiny places. This patent-pending cleaning box is well-built that maintain all the cleaning items, and keep them well-organized. In such a manner, you'll be more focused on cleaning instead of keeping track of tools because the case of this kit is pretty functional.

This cleaning kit is highly compatible with all the guns and has the necessary tools for a thorough clean. This kit is standardly designed, having 8 to 32 threads brushes and featured rods. You will be equipped with all the standard components of a cleaning kit like brushes, rods, scrapers, punches and picks.


  • This cleaning kit is the most resourceful in the market.
  • This cleaning kit has a self-standing patent-pending case that is pretty functional.
  • The case of this cleaning kit is well-organized and practical.
  • This cleaning kit has top-rated and good-quality tools.
  • This cleaning kit has a reasonable price.


  • This cleaning kit contains a plastic brush which is not suitable for comprehensive cleaning or polishing.

2. Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223, Black - Link

Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223, Black
Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223, Black

If you owned an AR-15 but never got down to buying cleaning equipment specific to your rifle, then this Otic Technolgy kit will be ideal for you. This cleaning kit will be well-suited for your gun because of its excellent tools and features that will enhance the efficiency of your firearm. Storing this kit or transferring it is super easy because it is compact and effortlessly fits in any regular tactical belt.

All the possible cleaning tools are available in this kit to thoroughly white-glove clean an AR-15 that will clean all the unreachable spots. The gun owners who are thinking of finding a compact yet minimalistic supply of cleaning tools will be satisfied with Otis Technology black cleaning kit. Even though this cleaning kit is packed down, it efficiently and quickly manages all the cleaning jobs.

You spend a considerable amount of money on a gun, so you should choose an equally competitive cleaning kit that will keep your firearm functioning smoothly. This cleaning kit standard is first-class, and it is the most liked kit by people who want to invest in high-quality equipment.

Tools you get:

This cleaning kit is worth every penny, and it is the best choice for you. It has 30 inches of memory flex wire composed of an aircraft-grade substance that makes it elementary to cleanse the muzzle. These cables make it possible for you to clean your AR-15 up along the breech.

Furthermore, you get an obstruction cleaner/remover, a bronze suitable bore brush, pin punch, angled and straight pick, top-quality lubricant, up to 10 2-inches cotton pads, lug scraper for locking, T-handle and a scraper.


  • This cleaning kit is the most suitable for AR-15.
  • This cleaning kit comes in easy to hold and carry pouch.
  • This cleaning kit is compact and lightweight.
  • This cleaning kit has all the high-quality equipment regarding its price.
  • This cleaning kit comes with a top-quality flex/curve cable.
  • This kit contains obstruction removing cable.
  • This kit has all-purpose brushes and rods.


  • This cleaning kit does not have a bore snake.
  • This kit is not ideal for the detailed cleaning of a rifle.

3. Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns - Link

Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns
Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns

The Otis cleaning system is an all-rounder cleaning kit for all guns, whether rifles, shotguns or pistols. It is outlined to meet all the cleaning requirements of the firearms, and it has tools that reach those nooks and corners that are unreachable by any ordinary equipment. The cleaning tools are specifically made to perform cleansing action from muzzle to breech.

Tools you get:

Otic tactical FG-750 offers you a cleaning system that comprises up to 6 firearms-particular bore brushes. These brushes provide you with the brushes option between.22-12GA. Not only this, but this unique cleaning kit offers three cables of aircraft grade that are used for deep cleaning along with an assembly of tips and patches.

In addition, you will be provided with some extra tools and equipment that will broaden the cleaning aspects for you. The additional tool will be ideal for getting rid of stubborn debris from all those unreachable places from your rifle. If you own an AR-15, then you must know what I am trying to say.

This cleaning kit is versatile and helps you get your task done efficiently, no matter how difficult. This kit is functional, simple as well as universal. You are also equipped with.5oz of Shooters' Choice FP10 CLP. Isn't it amazing?

The case of this cleaning kit is soft, compact and lightweight. From memory-flex wires to patches, everything is stored and well-organized in this compact small portable case. Since 1985, a family-based company, Otis tech, has manufactured and produced guns and maintenance equipment. The quality of this outstanding cleaning kit could be known through its manufacturing place in Lyons Falls, New York.


  • This cleaning kit has versatile calibre-specific rods and brushes.
  • With this kit, you will get patches, tips and connectors for deep and precise cleaning.
  • The Shooters' Choice CLP FP10 is also provided with this kit.
  • This kit is a universal cleaning kit for weapons.
  • The case of this cleaning kit is portable and lightweight.
  • This kit is easy to use and affordable.


  • The case of this cleaning kit is flimsy.
  • The rods of this kit need improvement.
  • The cleaning patches are not reusable.

4. GLORYFIRE Universal Cleaning Kit For Guns - Link

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns with Case Travel Size Portable Metal Brushes
GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns with Case Travel Size Portable Metal Brushes

This universal cleaning kit by the GLORYFIRE offers all the essential things that are most needed to take care of your AR-15. All the tools that are provided are ideal for deep cleaning of a gun. The GLORYFIRE tools are of top quality, and this cleaning kit is no anomaly and offers great help to gun owners to maintain their firearms. This brand is a specialist in the department of maintenance of guns.

Tools you get:

You don't have to go through the frustrating experience of breaking the tip or jag in the gun's barrel while cleaning that sticks inside the barrel. The unique features of this cleaning kit are its thick brushes of bristle and soft cotton mops. You get some extra things as gifts that include a steel pick of stainless steel, four plastic picks that are double-ended and hundred cotton swabs.

You get nylon made, iron made, and brass made brushes along with polishing cloth and cleaning patches. The brass rods provided with this kit can clean.30 calibre of rifles and.17-.270 calibre of other guns.

With the help of these items, you can clean or polish your weapon more thoroughly because this kit has tools that will reach all the angles and places and get rid of dirt for you. The unique case of the GLORYFIRE kit is portable and made to carry anywhere easily. A professional armourer needs an exceptional cleaning kit, and using a beginner kit won't be satisfactory, so that this cleaning kit would be ideal for such a person.

Ranging from handguns to automatic rifles, this kit is suitable for every gun. This cleaning kit is perfect for you if you require cleaning and maintaining appropriately different types of firearms.


  • This cleaning kit is made of high-quality materials.
  • The cleaning rod of this kit is super strong.
  • This cleaning kit has machined CNC brass adapters.
  • This cleaning kit provides extra items that help for a thorough clean of guns.
  • This kit offers a variety of tools, including top quality brushes and rods.
  • This kit is lightweight and portable.


  • The extra items included in this kit are of no use for AR-15.
  • The quality of this cleaning kit's polishing cloth needs improvement.

5. Otis Technology Defender Series Cleaning Kit of Guns - Link

Otis Technologies FG-901-556-9 Cleaning System, 5.56mm/9mm Defender Series, Black
Otis Technologies FG-901-556-9 Cleaning System, 5.56mm/9mm Defender Series, Black

We are concluding our list of best cleaning kits for AR-15 with this fantastic kit by Otis tec that provides you with lots of unique features like the cleaning kit pouch that could store all the tools in a well-organized and excellent way. The pouch has a lot of free space and can easily keep some spare parts of your AR-15. The only item that is missing is the lubricant.

Tools you get:

If you are looking for B.O.N.E tools or some other tool like a precision scraper, then this cleaning tool is for you because it provides all these items. You can also separately buy these items for cleaning the bolt carrier, firing pin and bolt. Professional gun owners highly suggest this kit.

Only this cleaning kit from all the maintenance items from Otis tec has the one-pass of RipCord. You also get some more amazing tools like Memory Flex wire, a robust rod set, and many minor items that you can use to clean your gun deeply. In this case, all these tools are nicely organized and set up. The sole thing that is not present in this cleaning kit except for lubricant is the cleaning mat for the gun.

Now coming to the price range of Otis tec cleaning kit, it is somewhat expensive than other kits. The alternative cleaning kit contains all the items you are getting from this kit at a low price. Although this kit has excellent quality, you can buy many more things in this price range. This cleaning kit's key attractive feature is that it can keep all the essential tools for gun cleaning in a well-organized, convenient and compact case.


  • The case of this cleaning kit is compact and portable.
  • This cleaning kit contains high-quality rip-cord.
  • This cleaning kit is just as expected from the advertisement.
  • The rod provided in this kit is solid and robust.
  • It is the top quality cleaning equipment in the States.
  • The portable case has convenient handles.
  • Ideal cleaning kit for novice and occasional shooters.


  • There are no handles for the cables.
  • This cleaning kit is overpriced.

Buying Guide to Select the Best AR Cleaning Kit

It is not easy to keep and maintain an auto rifle that you often use for shooting. Providing it with a deep and detailed cleaning is another topic altogether. This segment focuses more on regular or ordinary maintenance, which involves finding the ideal AR cleaning kit.

While looking for a cleaning kit, some things are to be kept in mind, so I will discuss those essential elements to guide you in your purchase.

Cleaning components:

You should choose an AR cleaning kit that has top quality cleaning tools in it that will offer to clean hard-to-reach corners that are difficult to clean by any standard means. You should go for bore snake, coated rod adapters and coated rod of steel sections along with memory flexes that will reach in every nook and corner and get rid of stubborn dirt. Some gun users use salt-based ammunition that gets stuck in the chamber, so these essential tools will efficiently clean it.

Portability of the kit:

We all want a universal cleaning kit that can store as many tools as possible, but the main thing you should look for in a cleaning kit is its portability, especially AR-15 gear has to be portable and easy to carry. The rifle is heavy enough, so the cleaning kit for AR-15 needs to be lightweight. We recommend that you select equipment with a small-sized memory flex wire, an oil bottle, and the essential thing, a solvent cleaner, to clean the chamber. So a portable kit has no issue regarding mobility with a range kit.

Ease in use:

In the market, all the cleaning kits for AR-15 have fantastic cleaning methods and activities. After fire rounds, the main thing accumulated in the gun chamber is the carbon buildup, so it would be best to buy a lug locking scraper and memory flex/curve cleaning rod that is straightforward to use to clean any gun but especially AR-15. The best cleaning kits out there are efficient and precise to use.

FAQs Regarding AR Cleaning Kit

1. How long-lasting is a standard AR-15?

A standard iconic AR-15 rifle lasts for an extended time. The possibilities of any firearms getting worn out are close to null. A gun needs proper maintenance, and if it gets it in regular intervals, it would be fully functioning for an age. But obviously, it would require some minor spare parts replacements.

Most gun parts are serviceable except for the gun barrel that needs replacement on or twice in decades. This means that rifles are designed and manufactured in a certain way to be passed down to several generations. The barrel wears out after multiple rounds. The replacement of the components is straightforward due to the adjustable design of the rifle.

Guns are meant to last if adequately maintained; they will carry on for a reasonably long time, maybe prolonged than you. A suitable cleaning kit is compulsory if you like your AR-15 gun to stay for an extended period.

2. How often do an AR-15 needs cleaning?

It does not matter how often you use your AR-15 for shooting. It would help if you consistently clean your weapon after some shooting sessions. Don't believe that if you fire one bullet or two, your gun needs no cleaning. It is an entirely wrong notion you need to clean it, and you should make it a habit to polish or clean your rifle frequently.

It does not matter if you utilize your AR-15; cleaning it after intervals will ensure efficient performance. People use various kinds of ammo for guns according to their preferences; if you're not working with a salt-based shell, you can skip the cleaning task of your AR after a couple of shooting sessions. But if you indulge in multiple shooting rounds, then this rule does not concern you.

You ought to clean your firearm to prevent any buildup of residue in the barrel of AR. In other words, clean it often if you use it frequently. And the environment has a role in the matter of cleaning a gun too. In windy weather, when sand blows, it gets stuck in your gun chamber, then you'll need to clean your dirty weapon. If the temperature is steady, then you might not need to clean it immediately.

3. What happens if I do not clean an AR-15 rifle at all?

One can't perceive a gun owner who'd take this extreme step of not cleaning their AR because they are wrong if they believe they can neglect this task without any adverse reaction. Never cleaning an AR will lead to negative outcomes that could be a nightmare for any gun owner.

For instance, the initial stage of the drastic outcomes would be that your rifle starts to rust, which will shorten the gun's lifespan. You need to trust me because things will go downhill from here, which won't be pleasant.

This could lead to firearm uncertainty which means issues during shooting. There is even the chance of misfiring because the residue will affect the gun's accuracy, so this way, the probability of misfires increases.

Conclusion for AR Cleaning Kit Buyers

While picking a kit to clean your AR-15 rifle, you should ensure that it has all the essential tools and features you need for this purpose. Every gun owner has a different point of view and approach regarding cleaning a firearm, but one should go for a cleaning kit with high-quality essential tools. Every cleaning kit has its strengths and weaknesses, so I hope you find your preferred kit that you think will be perfect for maintaining your AR rifle.

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