We Review The Best Biometric Gun Safes

A home defense firearm needs to be accessible. At the same time it needs to be protected from theft and unauthorized access. Unfortunately, many traditional gun safes that utilize a traditional keypad or lock can be easily opened by a burglar.

biometric gun safes

Modern gun safes come with biometric locking features that help you get quick access to your guns and ensure that nobody gets to break into your storage unit.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of biometric gun safes and find out what are the best options available on the market.

Sentrysafe Gun Safe With Biometric Lock

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Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe With Auto Open (…)

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Viking Security Safe Vs-25Bl Biometric

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Barska Ax11556 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Security Drawer Safe Box (…)

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Sentry Safe QAP1BE

sentry safe review

If you need a gun safe with highest levels of security, the Sentry Safe QAP1BE is a good choice. The safe is California Department of Justice certificated, which means it is very reliable and offers excellent security.

With 0.08 cubic feet capacity, the safe offers enough space for a single handgun.

The body of the safe is made up of solid steel that makes it a durable and robust product to use. Its interior is covered with foam for extra gun protection. The soft and reliable foam helps prevent any damage to your gun.

The safe features a biometric lock that uses the owner’s fingerprints to provide access. Beyond that, it is also equipped with a combination lock, offering additional protection for the firearm stored inside. Great thing about the combination lock is that the keypad makes no noise upon combination entry, ensuring it does not alert intruders when the safe is in use.

The safe’s door are equipped with a compression gas strut, which also ensures the safe stays quiet upon being opened.

gas strut

The door opens quickly, taking approximately one second to fully open. It also stays open, rather than swinging back shut. Thanks to this feature, the user can open the safe while calling for help using a cellphone.

The safe has small holes on its undercarriage, which allows users to bolt the safe into place to the floor a wall.

VAULTEK VT20I Biometric Handgun Safe

Vaultek review

If you are looking for a home handgun safe which is as modern as possible, the VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe is the perfect choice for you.

The VT20i really stands out from other safes with its impressive design. The design does not come at the cost of practicality, though. It still offers everything you may expect from a high-quality biometric gun safe.

The safe comes with an in-built biometric fingerprint scanner, a combination digital keypad, as well as an override manual key. The biometric fingerprint scanner detects fingerprints quickly and is capable of storing up to 20 individual prints.

vaultek review

This safe is also regarded as one of the „smartest“ safes on the market today. It uses smart safe technology with the Vaultek Bluetooth App for a highly interactive experience with a user’s smartphone. The app allows users to do many things such as view the battery status, adjust the brightness of the interior light, unlock the safe remotely via phone, and much more.

This safe also meets the California Department of Justice’s regulations, marking it out as one of the safest biometric gun safes available.

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

viking safe

Viking Security Safe is a company stationary in the USA and has been around since 2014. They specialize in building high-quality biometric safes in various sizes.

Their Viking VS-25BL biometric safe has many features that cannot be found on other safes on the market today.

The safe is very strong and is completely made of steel with the door being 5 mm thick. The door will open in less than one second once the safe grants access to the user. In this way, the user can access their gun quickly under stress.

The safe comes can be opened using an in-built biometric fingerprint scanner, a combination digital keypad, as well as an override manual key.

The safe uses a 500 DPI fingerprint scanner, which is capable of scanning and registering all parts of the user’s fingerprint. It can easily read fingerprints correctly and it also complies with FBI systems requirements.

The safe comes with no fire or waterproof certification. However, it does include a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which covers faulty construction.


baraska gun safe

The BARSKA AX11556 safe marks a revolution in this industry, because of its cutting-edge technology. 

The  safe features a top-opening design, which makes it ideal for use as an embedded floor safe. It is also suitable for concealing inside a desk or filing cabinet drawer thereby keeping it out of sight of intruders in the first instance.

It features fingerprint security system that can store up to 30 different fingerprints, which should be more than enough to cover the number of people in the average household.

The safe uses 4 AA batteries to power the fingerprint reader and in normal use the batteries should last around 2 years. However, if the batteries die you can still get access to the safe contents by using the set of emergency keys.

baraska reader

BARSKA uses heavy metal for construction along with a motorized deadbolt lock and two steel locking bolts, which provide excellent protection for its contents. It is big enough to hold two standard sized handguns, several magazines, and other important items or accessories.

The safe is not waterproof or fireproof but it is of sturdy construction and also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Gunbox 2.0

gunbox safe

The GunBox gun safes are one of the best biometric safes you can get on the market today and their GunBox 2.0 is the most popular model this company has to offer.

This safe is designed to safely conceal your firearm in plain sight while offering rapid accessibility.

There are two methods of getting into the safe – RFID and biometric. The safe features a super reliable and adjustable fingerprint scanner that can be programmed to remember up to 100 fingerprints.

The safe also comes with two RFID key cards and two RFID key fobs. The cards and fobs work the same and need to be held about 2-4 inches over the safe to unlock it.  RFID wristbands, rings, labels, and additional key cards and key fobs can be purchased additionally.

safe unlock options

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighing in at 4.7 pounds, the safe is much more solid than it looks and is available in multiple colors.

The GunBox 2.0 comes with a one-year warranty, starting from the shipping date.

Those are some of the best biometric gun safes available on the market. Hope you enjoyed our reviews. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

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