We Review the Best Kubotan Keychains

There is little in life that is as important as the personal safety of you and your family. As crime continues to spread it is becoming more important to be able to protect those you love. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when you could be the victim of an assault.

That’s why it’s a good idea to be prepared at all times. If you aren’t comfortable carrying a lethal weapon, there are other alternatives and one of those is the Kubotan.

To help keep you and your family safe, we are reviewing the best Kubotan Keychains.

how to use a kubotan keychain for self defence

What is a Kubotan Keychain?

A Kubotan is a small metal stick. Many have keychain rings so you can easily carry it with you at all times. They are usually around 5 to 6 inches long.

When you are properly trained on how to use a Kubotan it can be the extra tool you need to get away when being attacked.

How to Use a Kubotan

You can buy the best Kubotan keychain on the market, but if you don’t’ know how to use it, it will do you no good. If you plan on defending yourself with a Kubotan you will need training.

You can be trained by a specialist in your area, or there are many hours of Kubotan training videos that are online.

Spend time watching these videos and practicing the grips, stances, and moves to use when fighting with a Kubotan.

For more information on a kubotan and how to use one check out our guide here

What to Look For When Buying a Kubotan

A Kubotan is a very basic tool. Unlike a handgun, there are not many options or variations of the product. But, when looking to buy one there are a few things that you want to take into consideration.

First off, look into what it is made out of. Some people recommend using an ink pen, permanent marker, or a similar item in place of a Kubotan.

While these items can work if you are in a pinch they are not the same. When you are buying a Kubotan you want to consider the following:

  • Length – What fits the easiest in your hand. You want to both be able to conceal the weapon and comfortably hold it in your an so a portion is sticking out and able to assist you when defending yourself.
  • Weight – Kubotans are not very heavy but there can be a difference in the weights and you want to pick one that is easy for you to hold, use, and carry around on a daily basis.
  • Grip – Your Kubotan should be easy for you to hold onto.

While there are very few differences from one Kubotan to another, there are slight variations in each product. The one that is right for you will usually come down to personal preference.

Here is our pick for the best 3 kubotans on the market:

SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan

SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan Review

The SPHTOEO Blunt Force Kubotan is a favorite of many consumers. It falls directly in the middle of the range of Kubutan lengths at 5.5 inches. One of the things that people prefer about this Kubotan is the smaller diameter size. It makes it easier for people with smaller hands to get a good grip. If you cannot maintain a good grip on a Kubotan the weapon will be able to do nothing for you.

Street Smart Self Defence Spike Keychain

Street Smart Self Defense Spike Keychain Black

If you are looking for a Kubotan that gives you something a little extra to use then the Street Smart Self Defense Spike Keychain may be the right fit for you.

This Kubotan has two additional spikes that come out the sides of the weapon. When you make a fist around the Kubotan these two spikes would stick out between your knuckles.

By holding it like this you will have the extra force of two metal points when punching your attacker.

And, you can still use it as a traditional Kubotan with the main metal end coming out of the bottom or top of your fist.

Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain

The Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain is made out of a aircraft aluminum which makes it incredibly lightweight.

This Kubotan also is designed with finger grooves to improve your grip on the weapon. People like how easy it is to hang on to with the grooves.

It is also slightly longer than many of the Kubotans that are on the market.

While this can make it more difficult to conceal it gives you the added benefit of being able to have some of the metal on both sides of your fist.

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