Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe Review

Everyone has certain valuables that could use the protection of a safe.

Whether the safe is protecting from burglary, natural disaster, or simply being used to protect others in your home from accessing the gun, a safe can be incredibly useful.

If you are looking for a high-quality gun safe to protect your guns and other valuables, you should consider the Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe.

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Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe Features

Before you decide which safe is best for you and your particular situation, you need to learn about the safe itself. If you are looking for a heavy duty safe to protect your belongings then read on.

If you are simply looking for a safe for one handgun this safe might be overkill for your situation, but you can check out another gun safe reviews here.

Storage Options

The Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe is a versatile safe that allows you to make interior adjustments to meet your storage needs. The upholstered interior is made up of two sections that can hold a maximum of 11 long guns per section.

There is a full-length shelf across both sections. They cannot be adjusted. But, there are three adjustable shelves on the right to store smaller guns and possessions.

Construction of Safe

The Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe is built to last and more importantly, it is built to keep your belongings safe. Built out of strong 12 gauge steel and a total of (18) 1-1/2″ locking, solid steel bolts.

There is also a built-in, gear and lock system that automatically goes into effect to protect against prying, punching, and drilling attacks. This heavy-duty safe weighs in at 581 lbs.

So, this is not a safe you will be moving around from room to room.

Lock System

You can tailor the entry of your safe to meet your needs. There are three lock options to choose from: a combination lock, a key lock in dial, or a digital keypad.

Fire Rating

The Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe has a fire rating of up to 1 hour of protection up to 1875 degrees F.

The expandable door seal is able to expand up to 8 times its thickness in order to keep out smoke and/or water.

Other Features

This safe features new and improved interior LED lighting. A high-grade UL Listed power supply with three AC outlets and two USB charging ports are included.

There is also a rechargeable Dry Pack of 450-gram silica gel dehumidifying box.


There is not much to complain about with the Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe. The safe doesn’t hold as many guns as some options, but it makes great use of the space it has.

Most gun enthusiasts will find it a good fit. The weight makes it difficult if you want to move the safe around. However, there is a purpose to the weight of the safe.

Not only does the weight act as a huge deterrent to thieves, the weight also comes from the durable construction of the safe.


The Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe comes across as a great safe on paper. But, according to the reviews of the safe, clients who have purchased it are happy.

The LED lighting system helps you in organizing the safe to meet your needs. And, you will have peace of mind knowing your guns are safe.  The Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe is a safe bet.