We Review 3 Of The Best Long Range Wireless Doorbell Systems

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell review

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My wife loved this particular doorbell because of the color selection.  I like it because it’s only about $20. The SadoTech Model C Wireless Door comes in 5 snazzy colors, and it is well rated very well on sites like Amazon. 

It was clear to me that this doorbell was a contender based on the sheer amount of positive feedback I’d read online.

What can the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell do?  Here is a list of some of its finer points. 


SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

•This doorbell comes with 50 different ring tones.  It might take a while to settle on one, but there is definitely plenty to choose from.

•Each ring tone has an adjustable volume.  There are four volume levels with the SadoTech – between 25 and 100db.  Again, this is something you may have to play around with before you find the level you want.

Long range – can operate up to 500 feet inside your home or business, and 1000 in an open space.  This is where the real benefit starts to kick in for me.  I can literally be anywhere in my house and have the ability to hear if we have a visitor.

Stylish!  The SadoTech Model C is a simple, modern looking wireless doorbell that is also “really cute”, according to my wife.


•CE, FCC, RoHS certified.

•Customers have reported that this doorbell stands up to cold weather just fine, so we can say it’s a cold weather wireless doorbell

•100% money-back guarantee.

•Transmitter requires one battery, receiver requires no batteries.

Super-easy install, just use screws or adhesive, both included.

•Package includes: 1 Push Button (Transmitter), 1 Plugin Chime (Receiver), 2 Screws, 1 Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, 1 12V A23 Alkaline battery for transmitter, 1 User Manual  

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Dakota Alert DC-1000 Wireless Doorbell

Dakota Alert DC-1000 Wireless Doorbell, 1,000 Foot Range

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I would have called off the search right after seeing the SadoTech doorbell, but that’s not the way it works around my house. 

Just to be sure, we always look at several options and compare their pros and cons.  I really saw nothing wrong with the SadoTech, but my wife said “Keep looking!” and so that’s what we did.  Ultimately, this approach has its benefits. 

After some more digging, we came across this long range wireless doorbell, the Dakota Alert DC-1000.  

This model is a little different than the last model, in that it doesn’t come in a rainbow of colors, and it is more expensive at around $50.  But I noticed that its range was about double the previous doorbell, at 1000 feet.  Hmm this could come in handy.

So what is the deal with the Dakota?  After all the hoopla, is there any reason that we would buy this doorbell over the Sadotech, which has literally thousands of glowing reviews? 

dakota alert long range doorbell review

Well, after doing some reading and making some calls, it was looking as though the Dakota Alert DC-1000 has a better range, and this is what may account for its boost in price. 

Also, it is billed as an “alert” device, which means that it is meant to let you know when someone is visiting – no if’s, and’s, or but’s.  The main purpose of this device is simply to notify you if someone has arrived at your house.  We also read that the signal of this doorbell isn’t hindered by concrete, brick, or anything else. 

Two things that struck us when looking at the Dakota here is that we have a basement that is practically like a bomb shelter, meaning its completely underground, and people’s phones just don’t work down there. 

Maybe this doorbell is the solution for that, we thought.  Also, we have a guest house behind our home which might not be in range of the SadoTech, but would likely be in range of the Dakota here. 

In addition, we were starting to like the fact that the Dakota Alert here has an indicator to tell you what door someone is at.  Nice touch!  These little factors were making us re-think our strategy a bit. 

Also, we were starting to think that maybe the SadoTech was a bit too cute for our home, which is more old-fashioned.  

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While we were debating (as opposed to arguing – we don’t do that) which of these seemed like the better choice, we came across this long range wireless doorbell…

Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime

honeywell long range wireless doorbell

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To add to the fun and excitement, we now had a third contender – the Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime, which distinguishes itself as being a “door chime”, which sounds a little nicer than an “alert”, plus it has at a ton of customer reviews that make this doorbell seem pretty great.

As opposed to 50 chimes with the SadoTech, this doorbell only has 3.  This wasn’t a dealbreaker for us immediately, but we did have to consider this lack of 47 chimes here.  Also, the range is much less, at 250 feet.  On top of all that, this unit required 3 batteries, not just one. 

So what are the advantages to the Honeywell here, then, since it seems to not be so comparable in several ways with the SadoTech or even the Dakota. 

honeywell wireless door chime

Things that the Honeywell does offer is that it possesses motion detectors, which adds to its value in terms of home security, and it also has three visual alert icons which can give you a better idea of who has visited your home, not to mention an event log for those visitors. 

We started to look at this Honeywell unit as more of a security device than a doorbell, and that was beginning to sway us a little bit.

Also, my wife and I seemed to find the most common ground in the appearance of this long range wireless doorbell, since it is more elegant and refined then “cute” like the SadoTech, and we both agreed that the icons were a nice touch. 

On top of that, both of us agreed that Honeywell might be the most reputable of all the three brands, so far as we knew.  At least, both of us had heard of Honeywell and knew they were a respected brand. 

Read our full review of the Honeywell Premium Wireless Door Chime


Our Top Pick

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

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As you may have guessed, we went for the SadoTech Model C Long Range Wireless Doorbell System.  Why?  Well, the price did have something to do with it, we must admit.  Since the whole package is only around the $20 mark, the risk wasn’t too high.  

Happily, we must report that we’ve had our SadoTech doorbell for a few months now and its been a pleasure using it.  The good reviews were right.  The range is great and it reaches both our basement and our guest house, so those were our main concerns going in. 

Also, my wife and daughter both adore the look of this doorbell, and I don’t mind it either.  It is ultra easy to install and I really have no qualms with it as yet.  We’ve had some cold nights, and also some rain, and none of that has affected our new doorbell. 

In all honesty, I’m sure the other doorbells would have been great choices too in their own way, but I’m certainly happy with the choice we made for the best long range wireless doorbells currently on the market.

We hope this article helped you to get some information on long range wireless doorbell systems.


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