Guard Dog Training for German Rottweiler

by Robert Fox

Rottweilers are known to be a very protective breed of dog. Their instinct makes them eager to watch their families are safe from unknown entities, and this same behavior makes them an ideal pet to guard your house.

Seeing the Rottweilers in such a role is common, they're actually what comes to the mind of a lot of people when they hear the expression ' Guard dog .' However, this has also gained them a reputation for being violent and aggressive.

If you're planning on adopting one to defend your home, then it is important you make it go through a proper training process.

Guard Dog Training for German Rottweiler
Guard Dog Training for German Rottweiler

This way you'll avoid the experience of having all your guests frightened at your dog's presence while still having a companion that ensures you're protected all the time.

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Now, training your Rottweiler dog is a task that takes time and dedication, but besides that, it isn't that hard.

Most dogs share similar stages in their training, so if you're unsure about how to make your dog listen, you can perhaps ask for some advice from a friend with pets.

Still, you should find here most of the notions necessary to properly train your pup and let it become the guardian he was born to be, step by step:

Guard Dog Training for German Rottweiler
Guard Dog Training for German Rottweiler

How to Train German Rottweilers to Be Guard Dogs

How to Train German Rottweilers to Be Guard Dogs
How to Train German Rottweilers to Be Guard Dogs

Adopt a Young Dog

Adopt a Young Dog
Adopt a Young Dog

The old saying about old dogs and new tricks is not just a saying. Younger dogs are more eager to learn new things, while older dogs can become stubborn or lazy. It is better if you can start training your dog when it's still a puppy.



Take your puppy for walks to places where it can interact with other people and animals. It will teach it not to feel threatened or nervous in the presence of others.

This way you can help it gain the confidence it needs to guard your home as well as the education it'll need when you have any guests in your home.

Obedience Is Key

Teaching your dog to obey key commands is perhaps the most important part of its training. By training your pet to respond correctly to the words "sit," "no" and "stay," you turn it into an obedient guard.

Teaching him to respond appropriately is easy if you establish a reward system. Tell him to sit with a treat in your hand until it eventually does it and reward it instantly. He'll soon associate the word with the behavior. You can even use the clicker training method for this.

To teach him to stop doing a particular activity just screams "no" in an authoritarian voice and gets him away from the activity that's causing trouble. Repeat these enough times, and your dog should become obedient quickly.

After teaching him these commands, the only thing you'll need to train your dog to stay is telling it to sit and slowly get away from it.

If it starts following you, tell it "no" and then repeat the word "stay," so it can associate it with the action of staying in place.

Restrain Bad Behaviors

After your dog has learned to respond to these calls, you should be able to teach him to behave in more complex situations.

It is good that your Rott can alert you when a stranger is approaching home, but you don't want a dog that won't stop barking at neighbours passing by even after you've told it to.

Let it know that you are in control and that you are the one who determines who represents a threat. It applies to some situations, like excessively effective greetings or dominant behaviors when in groups.

Restrain Bad Behaviors
Restrain Bad Behaviors


You will want to walk with your dog through the whole extent of your property to show it exactly the territory it is guarding.

You'll also want to leave him alone now and then so that he understands that it is his duty to remain vigilant and guard the place while you are not present.

Additional Training

After your dog has become a proficient guard, then you can consider putting it through a professional training process.

It can further increase his obedience, and you can even provide it with proper bite training, making it an unstoppable protector if you're ever in the presence of a real threat.


Rottweilers are a very loyal breed that suits perfectly the role of protector. If you're concerned about your physical security at home, adopting a Rottweiler is one of the best things you can do to rest comfortably at night.

You just have to know how to exploit its instincts to ensure it'll keep the ill-intentioned away from your loved ones. Plus, they are fantastic companions that will bring a lot of joy into your life.

Few other breeds will do as well as Rottweiler when it comes to guarding your safety, such as a German Shepherd, Labrador, or Jack Russells.

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About Robert Fox

Rob Fox is a former hydro worker who used to teach self defence in Miami for 10 years. He's currently enjoying his retirement, playing cribbage and golf with his buddies, locksmithing and home security in his spare time. Rob is an avid reader, and has even written a few books on the subject of self defence.

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