Anaconda All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Review

anaconda all weather mechanical keyless deadbolt

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This single-combo deadbolt by Anaconda is a real no-frills, but highly durable product that should last you as long as you have your door. 

The brand name, “TruePower”, may not be that familiar to people, but their “Anaconda” deadbolt product is indeed solid and dependable. 

That said, we do have a few gripes about this deadbolt – it is not perfect by any means. 

Read through our review and you will hear about both the good and the bad when it comes to the Anaconda All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt door lock, and you can decide whether it is something you would want to invest your time and energy in. 

Looks Good / Feels Strong

mechanical combination deadboltTwo things right off the bat we can say about this deadbolt, which comes in three colors (Satin Chrome, Antique Brass, Bright Brass), is that it passes the first two tests that any deadbolt will receive, which are: it looks great, and it is heavy duty.

This isn’t just a lightweight little doodad here.  This is a heavy frickin’ lock that you don’t want to toss around, because it could decimate your glass coffee table if you decide to play catch with it. 

These are two of the most important points related to any home security product. 

If the hardware isn’t substantial or you feel like its made out of something other than solid metal, you’re probably talking about something that isn’t going to protect you.

That said, once installed, any burglar would take a look at this and right away think twice before messing with your door, and that’s a very good thing.

Single Combo

As we mentioned above, this is a single combo deadbolt lock.  To state the obvious, that means it does not do two combinations. 

From the picture, you can also see that by “combo” we don’t mean the kind of lock that high school students have on their lockers, which can conceivably be snipped by bolt cutters. 

This is the push button “digital” variety that involves punching in a code and turning a knob.

anaconda keyless door lock

Re-coding the lock does requires some mechanical know-how in terms of dis-assembly, but that is usually the case with mechanical locks. 

The advantages to having a single combo lock are fairly plain.  You just need to remember one code, and that’s it.  You can code it to have 10 digits, and there’s a clear key to start fresh.

Did we mention you don’t need batteries or a key? 

That’s right – when you get this lock you are entering the wonderful world of keyless home security, which is something that is extremely handy to most people. 

In fact, once you take the about 60-minutes (if you aren’t mechanically inclined, that is) to install this beast, you will be good to go for the foreseeable future. 

Over time, all of the fumbling with keys, forgetting or losing keys, etc. etc. will add up and you will come to not regret installing this keyless mechanical deadbolt.

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No Electronic Woes

mechanical keyless locks

Also, not having to worry about the electronic woes that come along with dealing with electronics products or even batteries can be a big plus to many people. 

As convenient and “smart” as some of the new breed of residential, exterior-door deadbolts can be, there is always some kind of trade off.

In this case, if you are not a big fan of apps, logging in, and farting around online with making your house the ultimate in modern home security, the benefit here is you can just install this deadbolt, and you’re done. 

No more keys, no waiting for the “battery-is-getting-low” alarm or what-have-you.  Here, you’re treated to the simplicity of just dealing with mechanical things.

No Weather Woes

mechanical keyless deadbolt

This Anaconda deadbolt by TruePower claims to be weather-proof and that it is. 

Judging by the appearance of this lock, which is a hunk of rather useful metal we must say, one would see no reason why it should be a problem when the weather gets rough. 

And so, over the months and years, you should find it performing at an optimal level, partly due to the fact that there really is nothing that could go wrong with it.

All the parts are mechanical, and built to last, and so unlike some eltronic models you’re not going to run into “network errors”, nor are you going to run out of batteries, or have your key stuck in there and have to call a locksmith. 

This lock is not much affected by weather, and this is definitely a pro in our books. 

Even if it gets hit by a tornado like the one pictured right, its not going to bother your Anaconda deadbolt much (the rest of your house might be another story).

No Delivery Woes

all weather doors and locks

You should find with this mechanical deadbolt that it arrives in a timely fashion, as the supplier seems to be on top of things, acting and responding promptly even to quandaries with the unit should there be any. 

This has been the experience with most buyers – no fuss.  You order it – you get it.  Simple as that.  And with Amazon’s free shipping, that’s always a plus.

Includes installation instructions & hardware, door templates, 2 keys and operating instructions. *Fits doors up to 1-7/8″ thick *2-Position Backset Latch: 2-3/4″ & 2-3/8″ *Deadbolt Throw: 1″ *Cutout Size(diameter): 2-1/8″ with additional 8mm hole drilled for top bolt

Left or Right – Its All Good!

This deadbolt comes equipped to be installed on left or right-hinged doors, so depending on your preference, the Anaconda here can go on either side no problem.

Other Pros

mechanical keyless locks

This residential exterior deadbolt lock offers great value for the money, and we feel it is definitely worth considering if only based on the price and the quality of the lock alone.

You also have the option with this lock to have it lock automatically upon leaving your home, needing the code to re-enter. 

This is a possibility with this heavy duty mechanical Anaconda deadbolt, if you follow the procedure laid out in the instructions. 

This involves removing a pin next to the handle in the area that you change your combination. 

You can also do a little trick where you make it so that no code can open the deadbolt, and just the key can do it, throwing off potential intruders.  Not sure when this might come in handy, but it is an option.

Now For The Cons!

mechanical keyless door lock

One thing we like about mechanical deadbolts that are keyless is that they are fully bump-proof.  Oh, you haven’t heard of lock-bumping? 

Well, read this post right here and prepare to feel your own brow furrowing with disbelief.  Yes, this is really a growing problem.

With a growing number of thieves picking up this fairly easy-to-learn skill, it makes any lock with a keyhole and no specific bump-proof capability a prime target for lock bumping. 

Lock bumping isn’t really about whether your deadbolt is electronic or mechanical, its about whether your lock has a keyhole or not, and whether that keyhole is guarded against lock bumping.

The thing is, many “keyless” locks that are made these days are made with…guess what?  A keyhole, you know, just in case. 

And so, this “just in case” measure of having a keyhole on a keyless lock…we feel it defeats the purpose a little bit, particularly when you look at this lock from the lock-bumping perspective.

In fact, one of the main reasons we look to keyless mechanical locks is the the fact that they should be bump-proof. 

This lock, however, is not bump-proof for the very reason that it does have a keyhole and so when you look at it that way, we’ve got to knock off a few points just for that. 

On the other hand, lock-bumping isn’t *that* popular and your local malcontents *probably* haven’t seen the numerous clips on YouTube about it. 

Snarkiness aside, we don’t like that this Anaconda lock is not bump-proof. 

If you look at our chart below this review, you will see similar deadbolts that are both mechanical and have no key, eg. actually bump-proof.

Stiffness of Buttons

anaconda lock reviews

One or two people have complained about the physical buttons being a little bit stiff on this lock. 

With digital deadbolts like this one, which has these push button entry code systems, this complaint seems to come up again and again.

In many cases, it is all a matter of the finger pushing the button.  Some people say its smooth as butter, while some people just find them stiffer than they expected to begin with, and so they file it as a complaint.

Other people like that the buttons are a little stiff because they can actually tell when they’ve pushed one of the buttons in – if the buttons are too smooth or lack any resistance at all it can feel cheap or like its not working properly. 

So its really a toss up – we think there’s nothing wrong with the buttons, and if you feel like they’re a little stiff, or have gotten stiffer over time, you can try a little bit of WD40 on them and that should do the trick.

Troubles with Anaconda?

combi mechanical handy review

Ah, the instructions…this is another gripe to do with this deadbolt.  This Anaconda keyless door lock manual just isn’t the best.  

The instructions are inaccurate at times, and hard to follow at other times. 

Of course, there are plenty of videos online that should fill in the blanks.  This isn’t rocket science, as they say, but, at the same time, the instructions should be sufficient. 

Just in case you end up buying this deadbolt and you are in need of a good mechanical deadbolt install video, here’s a good one for a different lock where the process is still applicable.

Don’t get us wrong, despite all the negatives, this is actually a decent deadbolt.  We’re just giving it a hard time here because hey, that’s our job.  The truth is its a pretty good (but not perfect) product.

A Few Extra Tips

combo deadbolt

Tip #1 – This is not a double-sided combo lock which means that you’ll want to be aware that if you are installing it near a window, that could pose a security risk if someone were to break the window, reach in, and unlock it from the inside. 

When its not near a window its tough as can be, so no worries there.

Tip #2– Don’t put the pins in backwards – this is possible to do and then the lock won’t function

Tip #3 – This lock can be set so that you don’t need a combo to lock it back up again.  This can come in handy.


When it comes to a quality deadbolt, the main thing is that is heavy duty, looks great, and does its job. 

The Anaconda by TruePower is good on all three of these counts.

Check the price of the Anaconda All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt on Amazon

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