Arrow Revolution V251 Touch Screen Deadbolt Review

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My family purchased this Arrow Revolution V251 touch screen deadbolt lock about a year ago, in June 2015.

I am providing you with my opinion on this particular lock, so keep in mind that it is only that – my opinion.  I won’t speak to anyone else’s experience.  I will go over what was expected of the lock, and then what actually happened.

I will try to be as unbiased as I can about this deadbolt, although I want everyone to know that this review does not have a very happy ending, so far as this deadbolt goes, sadly.  

High Hopes

Sometime last year, I realized that the locks on our family home needed to be changed, starting with the front door.  

We weren’t quite ready to get a fully “smart” lock, as in one that we could operate via a smart hub via our mobile phone, due to our limited budget.

After some discussion, we decided we basically were on the lookout for a lock that had a decent-sized thick deadbolt that could offer us better protection than what we had currently (a smaller locking mechanism), and also we wanted something with touch pad of some kind, to go with our modern-looking home.

While shopping at our local home store, we came across what we thought would be the perfect deadbolt for us – the Arrow Revolution V251.  

The expert at the store assured us that it had everything we needed, from a full one-inch tough-as-nails deadbolt, a built-in alarm system, as well as a manual back-up key.  

Also, the Arrow Revolution deadbolt has the ability to program up to 25 user codes, which is well over what we needed, but we’d definitely be using a few of those codes for family, and maybe one more for when a repairman comes by or some similar situation.  

I could see us using up to 7 of these codes at the most.

One of the small but significant things the salesman told us about with the Arrow Revolution touch screen lock here is the fact that it has a hardened pin insert built into the deadbolt itself, adding that extra bit of security against brute force attacks. Nice touch!

Aesthetic Appeal 

arrow revolution deadbolt

To be honest, it was the appearance of this lock which really had us interested and ultimately sold us on the Arrow Revolution V251.

From the looks of the lock, we liked everything, from the satin nickel finish, to the look of the touch screen, to the overall shape, to the some of the other details.  

We knew it was going to look great on our home, and if this lock functioned the way it looks on the exterior, then we’d have been quite happy.  Well, we had no reason to doubt this deadbolt. (If only we’d done more research first!)  

Installation and Initial Impressions

When we got our Arrow Revolution V251 home and installed it, everything was going to plan.  We had no problems installing it into our door, and then programming it.  

Once the whole installation was done (took about 40 minutes), we added some codes, deleted some codes, tried out the touch screen (smudge-free), and tried the backup key (worked fine). We really loved how the touch screen looked, with lit up numbers behind glass.  Very classy.  

It seemed as though we’d made a good choice, and we were ready to put it to the test.

Built-In Alarm

We didn’t get a chance to try out this feature, since it would require really tampering with the lock by cutting wires, or actually trying to break in via tampering with the lock.

The Arrow Revolution V251 isn’t that sensitive, so it doesn’t the precautionary measure of the similar looking Schlage Touch, which has a vibration sensor.

Ease Of Use

The first few weeks with the Arrow Revolution V251 went by very smoothly.  Everyone in our family had their own code, and we were all getting quite comfortable using the touch screen.  

To use the lock, its as simple as activating it with a touch, entering your code, and following it up with the pound (#) key.  A month went by, and we loved our new Arrow Revoltuion V251 lock.  You know the saying – no news is good news!

Weather Proof

About a month after we got the lock, it was put to the test by a really dramatic summer storm with high winds and rain hitting our house sideways.  

Branches in some trees came down, and our neighbourhood was a mess afterward. While this was happening, we realized that our new lock was getting hit by a ton of moisture, and that this would be a good test for it.  

Luckily, the Arrow Revolution has an excellent moisture seal and, if anything, all the storm did was buff up our lock, making it look shiny and new.  

Since the lock is battery operated and electronic, you might think that water would affect it, but the moisture seal did its job.

2 Months In

This is when things started to go wrong.  Actually, only one thing really went wrong, and that is that the touch screen failed.  My son came home one day from school and there were no lights on the touch screen.  

He tried inputting the code anyway just in case, and sure enough it was like it was dead.  Luckily, he had the back up key with him and so he wasn’t locked out.  

When I came home, we changed the batteries, and still no touch screen.  While I fiddled around with it, my wife came across some of the Amazon reviews for the lock, which didn’t look too promising.

It seems that this is a recurring theme with this lock.  So we called up Arrow, who offered us a whole new lock, but rather than accept their offer, we did some more research and ultimately went with something else.

I think we were more disappointed than upset, and while we tried to figure out what deadbolt to buy instead, we still used the Arrow, which worked fine with just the back-up key but was pretty depressing to look at without its touch pad being lit up.

I’m not one to dwell on problems like this, so the bottom line is that we eventually went with the Schlage Touch, and its been working fine ever since we bought it last September.  

I can’t rightly recommend the Arrow to anyone reading this who is looking for a touch screen deadbolt lock for their exterior door.  

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