Lockey 2835 Lever Handle Keyless Lock Review

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2835Abdc Mechanical, Keyless Lever Lock

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This keypad door lock is made by Lockey USA, a company with a long-standing and, more importantly, a successful background in the production of locks, as well as deadbolts (specializing in mechanical), hydraulic gate closers, panic exit devices and similar security products.  

If you are in the market for a quality deadbolt, there are certain companies that home and business owners should look to, such as industry giants such as Schlage, Kwikset and of course Lockey USA.

Lockey 2835 Lever Handle Lock

This particular Lockey USA lock is a heavy duty mechanical deadbolt with an lever handle, which means you gain entry by using your own personalized code, and it doesn’t require batteries in order to function.  

For those who prefer the lever handle style (popular with businesses and other facilities, as well as some homes), and for those who don’t want to deal with electronics, or even batteries, the Lockey 2835 may be the lock for you.


Lockey Usa Lever Handle Mechanical Lock

If there’s one thing we can appreciate about Lockey’s deadbolts, aside from their general toughness, its that they always offer customers a range of color choices not always offered by the other companies.  

In this case of this mechanical keyless deadbolt lock, you have 9 different options, including Antique Brass, Bright Chrome, Jet Black, Satin Chrome, Bright Brass, Marine Grade, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, and White.

There are 2 styles of this mechanical lock: single and double combination.

The difference between them is that single combination one has one keypad and lever handle on the outside assembly, while the double combination has keypads and lever on both sides.  

So you’ll need the code both to enter and leave your home with the second style, which we can see as both a benefit, and a drawback if you need to get out of your home quickly.  

Still, for security, this lock is definitely a contender for most secure exterior door lock on the market today.

Keyless Convenience

This is a deadbolt that will truly give you a sense of what it means to “go keyless”.  You have only one way of getting past this lock, and that is by knowing the appropriate user code.  

Some deadbolts come with a keyhole just in case you need it, but this one goes all the way and there is no keyhole.  Its the code or nothing.  

Crooks who encounter this lock have no chance of getting past it with traditional lockpicking tools.  

On top of that, this lock is bump-proof, which is a major advantage of this lock.  To learn more about lock bumping, read our featured article here on the topic.

Installation and Operation

lockey usa

The installation of this Lockey USA lock is quick and straightforward and it’s explained in the installation guide in detail, so if you don’t toss the instructions in the bin, you won’t have any problems regarding this process.

The lever can be installed on both sides, right and left, so this we think is really a convenient feature as well.

You can program a 4 to 7 digit access code, but to do so you need to take the lock apart by removing the 2 screws, as well as to take off the code panel since the programming is mechanical.

There can be just one code with this lock, which will be a drawback for some, unlike some electronic deadbolts which allow for numerous codes which can be coded much quicker using your phone.

One other thing we see as a security disadvantage here is that you can enter the access code in the wrong order, and you can still gain access to your home.  

For some, this is more convenient, but for those who are more concerned with burglars trying to guess the code, they can certainly guess it quicker this way.

Changing a User Code

As the above video shows, to change the user code the two screws holding the back plate on must first be removed.

You will notice blue and red pins, the blue indicating the non activating digits, and the red ones indicating the code combination.

Then, all you need to do is to replace the blue pins with the desired red ones according to your new desired combination.

Once you create your new code, push the back plate down using pressure, fasten the 2 screws back on their place and you can check if your new code is functioning correctly.  

The process is fairly straightforward.

Passage Function

Another feature of this particular Lockey USA keyless lock is setting a passage function.

This means your door can be unlocked for the amount of time you want, so it won’t require a user code upon locking or unlocking.  

This function can be very helpful at times, like in situations when you need to make several ins and outs of your home for a short period of time, eg. grocery shopping.

The operating of the passage function is quick and easy, so in order for you to activate it, you’ll have to press ‘C’ tumbler followed by ‘Y’ tumbler and your accessing code.

When you no longer need this function and you want to deactivate it, just press the ‘Y’ tumbler and then the ‘C’.

Overall Impression

While this lock is far from a smart electronic lock in terms of its capabilities, some people will definitely like this lock for what we consider to be two of the main reasons home and business owners buy deadbolts – its a tough, straightforward lock.  

Beyond that, it has a few features that we discussed which we think are worth mentioning.  It also has a couple of drawbacks, if you can call them that.  

Overall, this is a decent lock that fills the security requirements of what we consider worth protecting your home, although it does leave a few things to be desired.  Grade: B+