Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller Review

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According to many users, the Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller is a great choice for a first smart hub, and quite flexible as well, allowing you to control any certified Z-Wave device from anywhere in the world.

In this review, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at this home automation hub so that anyone shopping for a hub / home controller can decide if the Mi Casa is a suitable choice for their home or not.

Out of the box, you get:

  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 Ethernet Cable
  • Operating Instructions
  • 1 Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller

Modern, Stylish Appearance

With its distinctive white and green look, you’ll know the Mi Casa Verde VeraLite home controller when you see it.  

It looks very modern, and although its minimal, it does have some extra style thanks to the Mi Casa Verde design team.  

Many customers seem duly impressed with the design and say as much in their reviews of this small but powerful device, and we can see why.  

In conjunction with looking quite minimal, one would expect the device to be as simple to operate as it looks.  More on that momentarily…

micasa verde

The VeraLite has the following located on the unit itself:

On The Front
4 LED lights
3 buttons
1 recessed reset switch

On The Back
1 USB port
1 Ethernet port
1 power adapter port

On The Bottom
1 battery chamber for 4 AA batteries

To begin the set-up, you can plug the power adapter into your device, and then connect to your router and wait for the lights to come on.  Then, its time for the actual “set-up” to begin.  Here is a video to show how easy it can be.

Installation Checklist

  • Login to micasaverde.com and register either by smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  • Go to micasaverde.com/setup
  • If lights are on on your unit, proceed
  • Make sure firmware is up to date
  • This site draws info from Google, so make sure date and time always match
  • Look for your IP address at the top left
  • Now you can start adding rooms and devices
  • Always save (top right)

App Versatility

vera home controller

With the Vera, you can use the native app to set up your smart home.  Many people have no problem with this app, and in fact it is considered to be a very slick little app for your phone or tablet.  

That said, you don’t need to go with this app if it doesn’t strike your fancy.  There is a growing number of apps coming out all the time, which are compatible with the Vera.  

This means not only can you try out different apps for the system, but you can augment the system to be “smarter” with additional apps if you so choose.

Feature Picks

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Energy Saver

The VeraLite has been designed with energy saving in mind, using an advanced energy metering technology to take control of your energy bill.  

In addition, by the very nature of the VeraLite, having the ability to control certain aspects of your home remotely will also undoubtedly save energy.

More Features

  • Manage up to 70 devices easily
  • Compatible with a variety of products – over 750!
  • “Plug and play” using your internet connection
  • Email alerts for any situation

Add A Deadbolt

Let’s take a look at the short steps needed to add a Kwikset deadbolt to your VeraLite system.

  • Stand back 3 feet
  • Hold the add button for a few seconds, but not too long or it will shut off
  • Press Z Wave button on the lock once
  • Light on VeraLite will go off after 5-10 seconds to transfer information due to lock encryption, and blinking pattern of orange
  • light will return to normal

Make Sure To Clear All Z-Waves

If you have already had Z-Wave devices installed in your home in the past, it will be necessary for you to clear them all and start new when using the VeraLite.

Remove Z-Wave Device Quick Checklist

  • Hold down power button, blue light should go solid, orange light should start blinking after about 1 minute
  • Hold down minus button (removal) for five seconds, let go
  • Press on device such as light switch (on/off) or deadbolt (eg. press the Z-Wave button on the back of a Kwikset deadbolt)
  • Orange light blink pattern changes
  • Blinking LED light above light to show factory reset has been engaged


The price has dropped considerably for the Mi Casa Verde VeraLite in recent times, and so if you are new to the world of home automation, it is definitely worth a look as it is both flexible and simple to operate.


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