Reolink 410WS Wireless IP Camera Review

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Today we’re going to be taking a look at a security device for your home and / or business in the form of the wireless IP outdoor bullet camera by Reolink, model number 410WS. 

This a simple, classic-looking white weatherproof little camera, which you can attach just about anywhere that will take screws. 

As always, the purpose of this review is to help the average consumer to better understand if this particular device will suit their home security needs.  

So, without further delay, let us get right into this Reolink RLC-410WS review!

Feature Pick

Reolink Rlc-410Ws 4Mp Super Hd 24/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security Ip Camera, Fixed Bullet With 16Gb Micro Sd

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We’ll start off by saying that if you’ve never owned a home security camera in your life, starting here with the Reolink 410WS would not be a bad idea.  

Why?  Because it is so simple to set up and use, there is very little chance that you’ll be confused as to what to do with this camera, even if you’ve never set up a camera before.

Out Of The Box

reolink 410ws out of the box

If this camera is delivered to your door, as is often the case, you simply get a box with the following contents (as pictured above)

  • The Reolink RLC-410WS Wireless IP Outdoor Security Camera
  • A power adapter
  • A power extension cable
  • 1M network cable
  • A CD containing the manual and software
  • A handy little Quick Start guide for you to leaf through
  • Screws, wall anchors, small allen wrench
  • Mounting hole template
  • Two antennas 

If this list seems long, rest assured that all of these items are completely necessary to the functioning of this camera.

Each of the items that come with the Reolink 410WS has a specific purpose, and if you are a long-time user of security cameras, you will no doubt see how truly practical everything is.  

By the way, the camera will arrive at its destination in a form-fitting, sturdy box to ensure that nothing breaks in transit…nicely put together and in no danger of having any parts rattling around inside it.  10/10 for box packing!


reolink 410ws dimensions

What we like about this camera is that it is relatively compact, but has a good heft to it so you feel like you’re holding something which is well made.  

Sometimes when you get a piece of technology, and it is mysteriously light, you often wonder!  In this case, the Reolink 410WS is a chunky little camera, even though it weighs just over a pound.  

It is by no means heavy, but it doesn’t look or feel cheap in any way.  

reolink 410ws pivot bullet cam


The design of the camera is slick.  One might say it looks professional.  It certainly would not look out of place at a home or business.

  The Reolink 410WS can be easily adjusted on its swivel. Point it in any direction and it moves with just the right amount of stiffness, so there’s no worry it’s going to change position.  

Here is a video showing daytime footage of the Reolink 410WS, so you can get an idea how the image quality looks.

Quick Set Up Time

We can always appreciate a camera that you can simply take out of a box and have it working in no time.  

The Reolink 410WS is just such a camera, taking about 5-10 minutes to set up.  In this case, we actually went ‘old school’ and used the CD to install the software onto an old laptop.  

It was quick and painless.  We have taken some night vision shots which could be viewed on the laptop in a few minutes.  

Of course, this camera works just as easily on a smart phone, but in our case, our smart phone had been dropped the day before, and was in no shape to do anything.

Night Vision And Smart Cam Features

The Reolink 410WS has high quality night vision, which may be its best feature. Have a look.

Here is a quick rundown of some additional features of this camera:

  • Mac & PC compatible
  • 4 Megapixel video quality
  • Night vision up to 100 feet
  • 15 foot audio range
  • Can record video
  • Live view
  • Easy to use Reolink mobile app
  • 16 GB micro SD card
  • …and more!

Overall Impressions

software platforms

The Reolink 410WS is a solid little camera that can provide added security to your home or business.  

The main reason we like it is because it is simple to set up and use, compared to some other cameras or security systems.  

We see that not all the reviews are positive, but rather than try and hash out everything that has been said, we will just say that we think some of the negative comments are rather unfair, and a few make no sense at all. Like this question here…

reolink 410WS browser question

Actually, you can use IE, Firefox, or Chrome.  It is not limited to IE.  We are using Chrome.  

This is just one thing that was mentioned on Amazon from some of the negative reviewers about this camera. We feel that this is debatable.  

outdoor wireless security camera review

If you are seriously considering buying this camera, have a look at some of the reviews found online yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

 In our humble opinion, we would easily give this security camera 4 stars.  

To anyone who does have questions about the Reolink 410WS, just contact Reolink ( and you will receive a quick and detailed reply.