We Review 3 of the Best DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems

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There are many reasons to install a home security system. 

Maybe you have kids and want to make your home a safer place to live – that’s a great reason right there. 

Maybe you have other valuables that you want to keep especially guarded, or perhaps you travel a lot and aren’t at home very much. 

Or just maybe you’re looking into this because you experienced a break-in, and you now realize that you need added security.

best diy home security alarm system review

No matter what your reason is for wanting more protection, a high quality security system can allow you to monitor your home at all times and greatly increase your home’s overall safety.  

In the past, let’s face it, having your own security system for your home was expensive to buy and maintain and probably not something you’d be installing yourself.

The technology wasn’t designed to be “user friendly” back in those days.  You’d have to leave everything to the professionals, and they would take care of it – for a hefty fee.

Luckily, times have changed, and installing your own DIY wireless home security alarm system has never been easier (or cheaper), thanks to cutting edge technology and companies understanding that people are looking for simplicity combined with true home security. 

This means, costs are low enough that many people can afford these systems, and they’re simple enough for anyone to install and use. 

And while they may be simple to use, the systems themselves are quite advanced, and can do a great many things and provide a lot of value.

Vinker VK-6A Standalone Spot Scene Home Office & Shop Security Alarm System Kit review

DIY has officially taken over, along with smart home technology, using apps, and all of that futuristic stuff that is no longer so futuristic. 

By DIY, we are talking about systems that you can not only install them yourself – and easily – but you can customize them to a very large extent. 

On top of that, we all know that these days, no one can get away with designing a crappy product without the rest of the world hearing about it, so when a company does design a system, its in everyone’s best interest for it not to suck. 

Here at this website, we’ve looked at many of these systems ourselves and we want to share with you our reviews for what we think are 3 of the best DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems that best combine all of the positive qualities we’ve already mentioned – simplicity, security, value for the money, and the ability to customize and expand as some systems are designed to do.

Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System Bravo

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo review

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One of the best of these sorts of DIY systems has got to be the Simplesafe Wireless Home Security System, with their most popular being the Bravo system, at around $300 for the whole thing. 

There are other options too, including, Alpha, Delta, and Echo, but prices vary depending on the package.  Bravo should give you everything you need and then some for the price.

In terms of value, you can’t really go wrong here, as most owners of the system will agree. 

For about $15 a month – once you buy the initial hardware of course, you get a complete home security system that has everything you will need for complete protection, including an easy to use keypad, a base station, a motion sensor, a remote keychain, and 4 entry sensors. 

From there, its an expandable system, so you can add as many components as you wish, depending on your needs. 

If you get the upgraded systems (Delta but more so the Echo), you get an auxiliary siren, glass break sensor, smoke alarm, and panic button. 

But even with the Bravo, its usually more than enough for most families looking to get themselves some kind of adequate security system for their home. 

In fact, one of our favorite things about the Simplisafe Bravo is that its something you can install yourself, and there is NO contract.  Meaning, you can use it until you feel like cancelling. 

When it comes to security systems, this is a rare treat. 

In addition, the Simplisafe Bravo takes just about half an hour to set up, and from there it works like a charm.  Most customers report having no issues with it at all. 

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System review

In terms of downsides, its worth noting that this system is not completely without its flaws. 

For instance, some people have complained that the screws that come with the unit are not strong enough to hold it to the wall, even when using double-sided tape as well. 

This can result on a sensor falling, and a false alarm being activated, which is not good.  So using heavier screws is advised. 

Also, you have to realize that this technology is fairly inexpensive, so you’re not getting the most heavy duty hardware imaginable. 

Some customers see it as a downside, but overall, you’re getting what you pay for and it does its job so why complain?

All in all, this DIY alarm system is one of the best, if not at the very top. 

Thousands of customers are rating it 4 or 5 stars all the time online, and if you bother to read the comments, most of them are praising the Simplisafe Bravo. 

If you are on the market for a new system, the Simplisafe Bravo is something to consider for sure.

We have also reviewed the Simplisafe2, which is another member of the same family of security systems. 

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Vinker VK-6A Wireless Security System

Vinker VK-6A review

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Another of the more popular and effective wireless models of DIY alarm system is the Vinker VK-6A. 

This is a very simple system that comes with a main alarm (strobe siren), along with two wireless remote controls, plus 4 door contact sensors, and an adaptor. 

As with the Simplisafe Bravo, this system is designed for expansion if you so choose, so you can freely add on to it as necessary. 

It doesn’t take much to set it up yourself, making it an effective DIY solution for many people who are in need of something to protect their home.

The main thing to note about the Vinker VK-6A is that the main alarm host is very loud, so you need to be careful where you place it, since once it is set off, its going to notify you and anyone within close range that there is indeed a problem due to the volume of the alarm alone. 

There is also the flashing red alarm light to consider, so this will also create a scene.  Hence, do not put this alarm in your child’s room as it will scare the living bejeezus out of them, and you too probably. 

That said, it is what it is – an alarm system, and it does its job in that regard.

vinker vk6a alarm system

You will want to be strategic about the sensors as well.  You do get four of them, so make sure that you place them around your house in such a way that they guard all of the main entryways that you want guarded, and that the alarm is placed so that a burglar will not only hear it, but see it. 

In terms of customers saying that this alarm is loud, you can easily argue that this alarm is, shall we say, sufficiently loud, and if a burglar comes in, there’s a good chance that this alarm will send them fleeing into the night, as no burglar is going to stand around idly while this thing is going off. 

If you are in the house, you will instantly know something is up.

The host alarm is made from ABS anti-fire material, which means that not only is it loud, but you’ll be happy to know that if your house is burning down due to some unforeseen accident, the Vinker VK-6A will still be flashing its blinking red light and sounding the alarm, as you scramble to get everyone out of the house.   

The bottom line with the Vinker VK-6A is that you can rest easy knowing that a very powerful alarm is protecting your home from any intruders.  Once again, its simple to use, and very inexpensive as well, costing somewhere between $30 and $70.

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Fortress S02-B Wireless Security System


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The last system we will include in this review is the Fortress S02-B, which gives you a great bang for your buck costing about $200, but you get a lot of stuff with this system which makes it more than worth it.

The Fortress S02-B includes the main unit or control panel including an auto-dialer which will call out to any number you wish when the system has been breached (up to a total of 6). 

With this system, you get 10 contact sensors for doors and windows, as well as 3 more passive motion sensors, a panic button, a loud 140 dB alarm, an outdoor siren, a panic alarm, 3 keyfobs, and 4 additional alarm warning stickers. 

For the money you pay, this is about what you would expect for such a system, and it is, once again, very customizable for the specifics of your home or property.  You will need to reset the system once you buy it because it does come pre-programmed to some extent.

You can add up to 90+ sensors to this system, making it ridiculously customized, but we doubt that anyone reading this will need that many sensors.  Still, it is nice to know that you can just keep adding more sensors, making it an extremely DIY system. 

Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial + Outdoor Siren and More for Complete Home and Business Security

Overall, the Fortress S02-B is a great system to start with if you want to set it all up yourself and have lots of sensors to place where you see fit.  The two alarms are also a nice plus, and, like the Vinker, they are very loud and impossible to ignore once they’re set off.

In terms of drawbacks, some people have their gripes about this system mostly revolving around the entry / exit delay and the quality of the parts that come with the system. 

However, we must say that if you’re paying this much for your own security system, you will probably be let down on at least one aspect of the system, whether its the tiny screws, impenetrable instructions, or something. 

What we can say is that the vast majority of customers rate this system very highly, so the complainers are in the minority.  Still, its always a good idea to read as much as you can about your new system before you purchase it. 

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