WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

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Traditional peepholes are slowly getting replaced by the new digital peephole door viewers, and this is not a bad thing per se.  

Of course, some traditionalists will always love their old style peephole, but with new digital models that have great new features like this WoSports Digital Peephole, its understandably hard to resist.

WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer review

The main advantage of a digital peephole like the WoSports is being able to clearly see who’s knocking on your door (what if Taylor Swift moves in next door and stops by for tea?) by way of a large, clear digital image.

This is a far cry from your traditional peephole, and if you have a modern house and you want a modern peephole, this WoSports digital peephole might be the one for you.

Simple Design

WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer comes in 2 parts: an outdoor device which contains a peephole and a doorbell, and an indoor device which is an LCD screen showing you the person on the other side of the peephole.

Here, you receive a doorbell with 32 different ringtones, as well as a peephole that provides a crystal clear image at night, plus you get a camera that takes and saves photos whenever someone presses the doorbell.  

The WoSports Digital Peephole records video upon a touch of a single button, and saves it for you in LCD clarity.

Design and Installation

WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

As you can see on the images of the device, the design of this digital peephole viewer is quite stylish and modern, plus it will fit on any standard size door.

The installation is really quite simple, and you get everything you need in the package, including a clearly laid out user manual, a metal mounting bracket, and enough screws to mount this WoSports Digital Peephole on your exterior door.

To install this peephole, simply remove the old peephole from your door, and attach the new one. You need to connect the cable from the doorbell outside with the indoor section / LCD screen to make it work.  

Then, just press the power button on the LCD screen and your device is ready to do its job!

PhotosWoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

As soon as someone presses the doorbell, this WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer will automatically take a clear photo of the person standing in front of your door.

But even if someone doesn’t press the doorbell and you know someone is standing in front of your door, you can take photo of him/her manually, by turning on the LCD screen with a single press on the power button, and then pressing the same button once again.

The photos are saved on a Micro SD, which doesn’t come in the package, but of course you can get them fairly cheap just about anywhere.  

On the upside here, you can see who was trying to visit you while you were away at work or on vacation.  

And you can choose time and date feature on your recorded photos, to see the exact date and time when people came to your place.

You can store photos in the unit up to 32 GB, to keep track of all your visitors.

Video RecordingWoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

Another awesome feature of this digital peephole viewer is the ability to record videos of what’s going on in front of your door, upon pressing a single button.

The recording of these videos is not automatic, but requires you to press the ‘Mode’ button from the inside, once you’ve turned on the LCD screen of course.

To stop this recording, press the same ‘Mode” button once again.

These videos are then stored on your Micro SD card, and in order to see them, along with the recorded photos, just press the “Scan” button on the LCD screen.

The purpose of video recording is the same as that of taking photos – keeping track of your visitors, as well as of possible intruders who come to your home to snoop around.  

If you happen notice a strange or unknown person coming up to your front door, just snap a photo, or video of him/her, and you can go to the police to inform about this person should they prove to be a problem.

Photo/Video Quality

WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

You should be aware that lot of users buy this device to upgrade from their typical old / small peephole, due to the nice, large screen size.  

Were the image quality here sub-par, it would be pointless, but this is not the case, luckily.  

WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer provides very clear image during the day, and an above average image during the night even when natural light is poor, thanks to the 3 high quality built-in IR LEDS.

Moreover, this WoSports peephole covers enough area with its 120 wide degree angles. So this digital peephole viewer gives clear image in both day and night, on a 3.5 inch LCD screen.


WoSports Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 8The “Menu button” on the LCD screen provides access to a number of settings such as choosing the volume, as well as the type of ringtone, language, automatic power off switch, deleting recorded photos and videos, and much more.

Battery Powered

This device works on 4 AA batteries, which don’t come with the package.  If the power button blinks, you are running low on batteries.  

That said, generally, users have been quite satisfied with the battery longevity of this device.


Based on our research, we do feel that this is a high quality digital peephole which would be perfect for anyone who wants to add security to their home, or simply get a new peephole.  

If you have an old style peephole, this WoSports Digital model peephole will seem like you’ve traveled into the future.  

Unlike some smart devices, it requires no hub to operate but it does provide some of the smart features that other devices include these days such as digital imaging, recording, touchscreen access, and more.

Overall, if you’re on the hunt for a digital peephole, we give this model 4 STARS as it really has no major flaws.

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