We Review More of the Best Indoor Home Security Cameras for 2019

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We review some of the best interior security cameras to find you the best ones for your family’s security. Here are some of the reasons homeowners (or business owners) want security cameras:

  • Protection – The most obvious reason for purchasing a home security camera is for safety. You want to be able to see who has come into or gone out of your house. If you think you hear a noise in the night you can check your security camera to make sure all is well.
  • Deterrent – Even just the presences of a security camera can be enough to make a burglar decide not to target your house. They know there is a higher chance that they will be caught.
  • Keep an eye on the kids – Indoor security cameras can be used as nanny cams. If you have a smart camera you can see what your children or sitter are doing from just about anywhere. If you want to make sure the kids are home safe after school instead of just telling you that they are at home you can check on the camera live feed or recorded footage.
  • Keep an eye on the pets – Let’s not forget about all the dog and cat parents out there. If you want to make sure your family pet is safe and not causing any trouble while you are away you can check on them just like parents check on their children.

What to look for in an indoor security camera

For the most part, a home security camera should allow remote viewing, snapshots with motion detection, or the ability to monitor the home with night vision.

You’ll want it to be in a discreet location with the best views.

People concerned with home security want to be able to view their home in real time as well as communicate with those in the house, whether they’re welcome in the home or not. There are cameras with two-way audio that provide you with this option.

Parents with willful teenagers or people who leave the house on business trips will want to monitor the home 24/7.

Sricam SP012 720P Indoor Camera

Outstanding Features

  • Night vision
  • Tilt & pan
  • Two-way audio
  • WiFi connection
  • Motion detection alarm
  • Remote Viewing

This indoor camera allows remote viewing with pan & tilt, so you can see any angle inside the home.

Whether it’s your children home from school, your pets, or an intruder, you’ll be able to change the angle and view this from anywhere where you’re connected to the Internet.

Two-Way Audio

One of the best features of this camera is the two-way audio.

You can view anything happening in your home as well as regulate what you see, too. Imagine if your child should be doing homework but has friends over while you’re at work.

Your teen won’t likely answer the phone, but you don’t need to worry about that. With this camera, you can tell everyone to go home right through the camera. 

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Reolink 410WS Wireless IP Camera

Reolink RLC-410 Outdoor IP Camera Review

Outstanding Features

  • Audio within 15 feet
  • Records video
  • Night vision within 100 feet
  • Simple set up
  • Live View

With an Internet connection and a browser, you’re able to view things in the home in real time.

At any time, you can open the browser and check on anything that might be happening in your home.

It’s viewable on Chrome, Internet Explorer as well as on Android or Apple phones. We love the night vision capabilities with this camera.

Quick Set Up

Out of the box, it only takes a few minutes to set the camera in the correct location and start viewing the live link on your computer.

All you have to do is insert the CD and you’re ready to go.

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Microseven 1080 HP WiFi Security Camera

Outstanding Features

  • Indoor/outdoor capability
  • Night vision
  • Clear day pictures
  • Remote viewing
  • Email alerts
  • Live Streaming

This is perfect for checking on the kids, watching workers in the home, or checking on your pets.

Keeping the home and your family safe is the most important feature of this camera, and live streaming will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to constantly watch the camera, though.

Motion Detection

When you choose the most sensitive setting on this camera, you’ll get a snapshot sent to your email at the slightest movement inside the home.

While this might be overwhelming outdoors, it’s perfect for the interior of the home.

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LaView 1080P Camera

Outstanding Features

  • High definition resolution
  • Wide angle view
  • Easy setup
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Streaming video
  • Smart search
  • Email alerts
  • Live Streaming Video

The crystal clear image will make you feel like you’re watching a hi-def television show.

You can download the app for this camera and watch it from anywhere that you get an Internet connection.

Smart Search

If you want to review the day on your camera’s recordings, you don’t have to sit through hours and hours of nothing happening. Instead, smart search will fast forward to the first movement or activity on the camera’s footage.

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Vimtag Fujikam 361 Security Camera

vimtag security camera

Outstanding Features

  • Remote viewing
  • Motion sensor
  • Two-way audio
  • Simple set up
  • Night vision
  • High-resolution picture
  • Motion Detection and Alarm

When you’re alerted to motion by the camera, you can choose two separate options.

You can check the camera to see who activated the motion detector. If it’s someone you know, choose to ignore the alert.

If it’s an intruder, you can take snapshots of the intruder to give to the police later.

Smartphone App and Remote Viewing

With the MIPC app downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can instantly view the interior of the home. The camera can be rotated and tilted using the app as well.

If you want to follow an intruder after calling the police, you’ll be able to move the camera without them being aware of it. This allows you to track movements while you wait for the police to arrive.

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When buying a security camera for the home, first, you should consider the basic things you’d like to use it for, which could include monitoring your children or keeping the home safe while you’re on vacation.

You might want night vision, but not need to have a tilting camera that will pan around the room.